The Mills family welcomes you to this short overview of what happens in and around Bisterne, Hampshire. We’re just south of Ringwood, where the ever-spreading town gives way to green countryside. Much of the land actually sits inside the New Forest National Park, but is one of the many private estates in the Park.

Find out about the Bisterne Estate, its history and present farming activities, together with information on house rentals, fishing and our conservation projects.

We are proud to have the outstanding centre for learning disabilities adults on the Estate the Stable Family Home Trust. This organisation gives 100 people needing support in life the chance to learn to become more independent by learning life skills.

Schools visiting the Farm with the Country Trust or other organisations may find useful information on this site to prepare for their visit.

We are honoured to be a Country Trust host farm, doing our share to help 20,000 children learn new skills from visiting the countryside nationally.

Our Open Farm Sunday 2022 hosted over 4,000 people – thank you to all those who came and showed such great support to the farming industry. To those who didn’t come – you missed out on some delicious and generous Arla Foods free samples!

3 thoughts on “Bisterne

    • Very nice to hear you enjoyed the visit. We all loved having so many appreciative people, who asked so many interesting questions – over 3,000 visitors we think! And not a scrap of litter afterwards….wonderful.


  1. After a long time out of the country way of life and with more free time on my hands I decided i would like to do something useful. I contacted Rupert Brewer The Head keeper of Bisterne Estate to see if I could be of assistance since I’d heard he had various projects in hand. I was so impressed with the high level of conservation that was taking place on the Estate ie. Numerous bird species and small rodents that are being threatened with extinction. I have now been there 3 years and the progress that he has made with his management skills are excellent, Top marks Rupert.


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